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Why Choose Paws in the City for training & behaviour advice?

I am passionate about dogs and training but especially the need to make sure that everyone has fun while learning. Dog training with me means that both you and your dog will enjoy the experience, although I have had extensive learning within the competitive dog sports I fully understand the need to have a balanced and well adjusted dog within the family environment, and how important it is that every dog is able to become a wonderful member of our society. My training is for the Real World.

All of the training is explained in non-technical terminology so that it is easier for everyone to understand and put into practice. When sharing my knowledge and helping you with your dog's training I take care to ensure that your lifestyle is considered so that any changes that may be needed are as minimal as possible in order to achieve the result you desire.

Rewards are anything that encourage your dog to repeat a behaviour.  From many years of experience I have found this to be the only method that ensures a willing learner and one that only wants to please you more. And using positive reinforcement techniques (using rewards) means that any behaviour change or learning has a solid and lasting effect while keeping the trusting relationship between owner and dog whole.

My knowledge comes from real international and local experiences and practices as well as numerous accredited courses and workshops and I pride myself in being able to give each individual owner and dog personal and practical application of any training needs. I am always open to new ideas and will research and develop new methods to ensure I remain at the top in my field.

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