Puppy Pre-school




First Weeks Puppy Class - Getting a head start

Class is every Wednesday from 7.00pm and is approximately 1 hour long; join as soon as you get your pup (or beforehand if you wish); £60 per six lessons for as long as you need it; some of this class may integrate with the next level Puppy & Junior Class depending on age and confidence of puppy. This enables your pup to gain the skills required for listening to you even while you learn about how to help the pup integrate happily into your home and life.

Puppy & Junior Class - Learning Great Skills

Classes are every Wednesday in New Malden from 7.00pm & on Sundays from 10.00am in West Molesey; each lesson continues for approximately 1 hour.  You are able to begin any week and although you will get more benefit from continual attendance the flexibility provided means that you can miss a week or two and join back in when life's other commitments allow you to. You need only pay for six weeks at a time (£60). With prior notification you may also swap between the Wednesday evening and Sunday morning classes.



You will need to bring something that motivates your dog, usually treats of some kind works wonders and even if your dog is not really food motivated - it's amazing what a bit of competition can do!  However if your dog doesn't seem very motivated we will help you find what helps. We generally use something like luncheon, frankfurter or cocktail sausages as they can be cut up really small and are moist enough for the dog to digest easily.  If your dog has a favourite toy bring that along too though there will be some available.

It's very much appreciated if you can turn up on time or let me know (via text on 0784 222 4513) if you are not going to make class or are running really late; if you are late please just come in and start training.

All dogs need to be fully vaccinated (apart from the First Weeks class).


If you are interested in attending any of the classes, please call on 0784 222 4513, or email by clicking here.

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